International Jundokan Master Seminars

Jundokan masters will be visiting dojos throughout the world this year, including New Zealand! Here's a run down of the seminars:

23-25 May
Featuring Gima & Kinjo
Hosted by Jean Frenette Sensei

15-17 May
Featuring Sunagawa & Ganaha
Hosted by Bob Honiball Sensei

3-5 July
Featuring Gima & Kinjo
Hosted by Francesco Sapienza Sensei

23-27 October
Featuring Gima & Kinjo
Hosted by Rune Ramanitrandrasan Sensei

New Zealand
15-17 November
Gima & Kinjo
Hosted by Paul Allott Sensei

Jundokan New Zealand Updates

JNZ's Recent Happenings:

Recently the JNZ Dojo heads met in Auckland to have our AGM and of course to train and pick Sensei Paul’s brains as much as possible before heading to their respective homes.

The general consensus was that since our trip to Tasmania, we are most definitely heading in the right direction training wise.

The focus is fitness, Kata, and of course Bunkai.

Bunkai is no new thing, its just that as our journey in Karate moves forward, so does our understanding of our applications, as well as our ability to preform them in a way that works (obviously).

So exploring new Bunkai may not actually be the study of “fancy new moves” but the revisiting of Kihon, because as you all know without the foundation of Kihon, you have no Karate at all.

So, can we look at our Kihon in a different way ? Of course we can.

For example I am six feet five, you may have noticed that Blake is not, so essentially, what works for me may not work for him, or indeed may have to be adjusted to fit his body size.

Therefore, the Kihon is the same, the way it is preformed is not (I’m sure you all know what I Mean).

From our Kihon Bunkai we move forward and introduce Renzoku Bunkai. This again will Vary from student to student as long as the fundamental Kihon remains the same. Easy isn’t it?

So where to from here.....yes you guessed it , More of the same in the weeks to come.

Mike Dalton, JNZ Chairman.

  Dojo Updates:


Dunedin dojo is following on with what was learnt in Auckland, and continuing to further develop our own own bunkai suited to our individual karateka.

Those looking to grade in November are progressing well, and although Darryl is spending most of his time training with Steve Archer in Arrowtown, he is checking in regularly and his Dojo is slowly gaining momentum with help from Steve Dudder’s regular visits and even a special visit from our Auckland young gun, Sensei Bryan Williams (SBW)....things can only be looking good.

As for me, well its been three weeks out of the Dojo with torn back steaks, and yes I am guilty of walking like a very old man, however I hope to be back training (slowly) soon.

Thanks Blake for leading the troops in my absence you and the yudansha have been invaluable ( as always) to our Dojo.

Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook Page (yes, I know, I don’t facebook) but Blake and co do a great job and the information is an asset. (


Thanks, Mike.



Richmond dojo is slowly building up members with those karateka interested in Okinawa Goju Ryu. We now have 12 regular members training, including 2 sho-dans that have previously trained in Shotokan and are working hard at changing their technique. Winter is testing the commitment of all and turning up for training on a cold Saturday morning certainly is refreshing and requires 魂  (tamashi).


Last month we held the first kyu grading with the following members successfully testing:

Ralph Paxton 1st kyu

Luke Walton 5th kyu

Jakiah Young 7th kyu

Daniel Paxton 8th kyu

Kieron Goodwin 9th kyu

Taylor Brooker 9th kyu

Rory Paxton 9th kyu

Morgan Barak 9th kyu

Elliot Stanger 9th kyu


Richmond dojo will play host to the annual JNZ dan grading on 16/17th November. This year, emphasis will be on fitness, kata and bunkai and those testing should work hard on these areas.

お願いします (onegaishimasu)



The Westport dojo has been continuing as always with a concentration on kata and application training as we look towards potential gradings at the end of the year, and training in Nelson in November.



With all kinds of commitments etc, Auckland’s Taupaki dojo will be holding our kyu grading at end of November, and training towards that has commenced.

Taupaki Dojo’s main focus recently has been on fitness for all members. The junior group’s focus is on fitness and Kata as grading approaches. Likewise, the intermediate class has been focused strongly also on fitness and kata but with more time spent on bunkai.

And of course those that still remain in the senior level – it’s all go.  With Sensei Bryan taking a small back seat until he is fully recovered. Sensei Brian is also looking to attend the Jundokan’s seminar commemorating the 60th anniversary of Miyagi Chojun Sensei and the 15th anniversary of Miyazato Eiichi Sensei’ in Okinawa in November. No doubt the information he learns whilst over there will be a valuable asset to our organisation, and we look forward to hearing all about it upon his return.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information and updates (