Paul Henley-sensei, senior instructor Richmond dojo

Jundokan New Zealand will be running a series of ‘JNZ instructor profiles' who make up our organisation over the coming months. To start the profile series off, we would like to introduce Richmond dojo senior instructor Paul Henley-sensei.

Paul started his karate training 33 years ago at the age of 19 with SEKU (South of England Karate Union), a Shotokan ryu,  under instructors Dave Hazard-sensei and Mick Dewey-sensei. At that time Paul was training at least 5 days each week, as he stated “because I didn’t have a life”. Five years later he moved out to Auckland, New Zealand and continued his training with Percy Shepherd-sensei until the Shotokan dojo closed. He joined up with Japan Karate Association (JKA) under instructor Cooper Drent-sensei and was promoted to ni-dan in 1999.

Paul always had an interest in Goju Ryu and particularly enjoyed Goju’s 'hojo-undo' (supplementary training). It was then he commenced his training under instructor Denis May-sensei until his move to Nelson. He continues to train in Goju Ryu with Paul Allott in Richmond and enjoys the friendly and not so regimented training with like-minded JNZ instructors.

Paul has a wicked sense of humour so don’t be surprised by his Pommy wit!

Paul henley-sensei

Paul henley-sensei