Bryan Williams-sensei, Senior Instructor Taupaki Dojo

Bryan Williams-sensei was canvassed at the door by a Go Kan Ryu (GKR) sales person. Always wishing to be another 'Bruce Lee' Bryan took up training with his daughter in GKR style. He continued training with GKR for approximately 8 years, whereas his daughter lasted on 2 training sessions. Bryan's first sho-dan was achieved in GKR and did learn a lot about karate basics, not so much about karate which came later.

As new awareness crept in that there was far more to karate than competitions, a GKR member did some research and came across Dennis May-sensei. As many as seven people moved across to his dojo, Dennis was then an 8th dan and affiliated to the Okinawa Karate Organisation associated with the Jundokan.

The Organisation and the Jundokan went separate ways and Dennis, with his students followed the Organisation. There became a splinter group from Dennis back to the Jundokan and I have followed that group. The core people have been the foundation of Jundokan New Zealand (our organisation).

Karate exists in a theme of comradely, support and connection. The reason I like being involved in Jundokan New Zealand is that resembles the respect that exists in and amongst the people that comprise the Jundokan in Okinawa.

Involvement in karate is not so much the skills and ability that manifest from training but the internal strength and resilience that grows within. My experience to share is that I think i'm a better person because of my karate involvement.

Bryan Williams-sensei