Budo Karate

Today the techniques of Karate are taken lightly, and most turn to sports karate where both a participants training span and ability to compete are short. The importance of the many years of training is to achieve the unity of heart and technique. This is essential. Sports karate as a means of expanding or promoting karate is questionable. The men of old have stated that making BuDo into a sport will ruin it. The BuDo mentality is a harsh battle with ones self. We have to realize that we are in daily battle with the complex environment that surrounds us.

To win in competition, or obtain a rank, or other things such as "strength", "weakness", "skill", "clumsiness" etc. are only the surface of karate.

The value of BuDo is much greater. It is more important to cultivate the indomitable spirit through many years of training. Emphasis must be placed on ones internal qualities. To love and be loved, to always have a bright heart is very important as human beings.

" Tradition" is a strength possessed that cannot be seen with the eyes but something that is part of our lives. "Remember the old and learn the new" is a proverb that should be incorporated into our lives and all aspects of our daily training.

The uniqueness of karate is that it does not regard place, gender, and strength of body. I want to make a point that the training, therefore, can be done for a long time. Presently in Okinawa, there are many karate practitioners that guard the ancient traditions of karate culture. They have no interest in the "Japanizes" sports karate.

From the book "Okinawa Den Okinawa Goju-ryu Karate-Do". Written by......Eiichi Miyazato Sensei, 1978.